Over 40 years experience!

Myles is the Inventor of the Easy Grinding Plate.

After 44 years in the floor covering industry he knows a thing or two about installing quality floors.

Myles had been using off the shelf products for years to clean and prepare his floors before installing coverings and was dissatisfied with the results he was getting.

That's when he designed and built the Easy Grinding Plate and connected it to his Polivac. As soon as he started using it he could not believe the results he was getting and could not understand how he put up with the results he'd had in the past.

Flooring contractors know how important it is to remove inpurities and contaminants from floors before you lay anything down, to give the best adhesion and premium finish to floors, no matter if you're laying carpet, vinyl, or tiles.

Imperfections in poorly prepared surfaces reveal themselves quickly leaving you red faced and having no choice but to pull up your work if your customer is not satisfied.

The Easy Grinding Plate incorporates 3 spinning discs that flatten uneven floors and remove the mess that other tradies leave behind so that you can offer a truly professional finish to your job.