Floor grinding has never been easier!

With the Easy Grinding Plate you will grind and clean floors faster than any other floor cleaning system. With a perfect finish and a job done much more quickly you will save both time and money on every job!

The Easy Grinding Plate can:
- Grind off paint, plaster and glue from floors
- Grind chipboard and hardboard sheets for a finish that has to be seen to be believed
- Grind concrete flat in no time.

Key features:
- Tri-Lock floating mount
- Change discs in seconds with magnetic disc pins
- Option to add weights for heavy grinding with your Polivac

Make More Money In Less Time!

That's right! Turn your Polivac into a moneymaking floor preparation machine in seconds using the Tri-Lock floating mount and Easy Grinding Plate.

If you have been using any other grinding plate ... STOP ... You need to buy the Easy Grinding Plate with it's Tri-Lock floating mount which allows the plate to do all the work, not you or your Polivac.

In comparison to sandpaper discs you will be blown away by how good a job you can do with the Easy Grinding Plate. No more fighting with your machine when it hits a hard spot or hump. With the Easy Grinding Plate you will just float over it.

Not only will you be able to do more work in less time to increase revenue, but more importantly the quality of your work will improve.

Australian Standards states all contaminants must be removed from the subfloors, with the Easy Grinding Plate you meet these standards with ease leaving your floors flat and clean for a fantastic finish for your installation.

We have been using the Easy Grinding Plate for the past 8 years with fantastic results.

It is reliable, efficient and produces a flooring finish that is second to none.